Peter Pan Dvd

peter pan dvd
what would you put in this basket?

my best friend is turning 21 in a few weeks and im making her a huge gift basket.. she LOVES tinkerbell and so that is the theme of the basket. this is whats going in there so far:
~dvd of the Peter Pan starring Mary Martin (she was obsessed with it as a kid and hasnt seen it since she was 7)
~a tinkerbell shot glass
~a bottle of UV Blue rasberry vodka (she isnt a big drinker cuz of medication she takes but she like UV Blue and it fits the color scheme)
~a framed pic of her and her bf with a peter pan quote

any other ideas? i am trying to stay in a color scheme of blue and green

thanks 🙂
– this is a towel that can be personalised

A mirror –

Or a snowglobe