No Sex Marriage Divorce

no sex marriage divorce
If someone doesn’t support same sex marriage, why would they refuse to support same sex divorce?

“Some Rhode Island lawmakers are pushing to legalize gay divorce. But Gov. Don Carcieri, a Republican who opposes gay marriage, is against the idea. So are church leaders in the heavily Roman Catholic state.”

Wouldn’t it be in their interest to allow same sex divorce? Wouldn’t they consider FEWER same sex marriages to be “a good thing”? I’m entirely confused. All I can figure is that by granting same sex divorce, they’re implicitly conceding that the marriages have been legitimate… and they’re unwilling to do so.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am a supporter of same sex marriage. This question should in no way imply that I oppose the opportunity for same sex couples to marry and divorce.

By accepting same sex divorces, they probably think they are condoning the marriage as well. or at least recognizing its legality and validity.