Nightwish Beauty And The Beast

(Links included) – “The Poet and the Pendulum”, “Ghost Love Score”, or “Beauty of the Beast”?

These three songs are the longest ones Nightwish has recorded, and are arguably among the best. Which is your favorite?

“The Poet and The Pendulum” (2007, Dark Passion Play)

“Beauty of the Beast” (2002, Century Child – not to be confused with “Beauty and the Beast” from Angels Fall First in 1996)

“Ghost Love Score” (2004, Once)

BQ: The shortest songs (from an album, demos not included) are “The Wayfarer” (Century Child) and “Sleepwalker” (Wishmaster), both under 3:30. Which do you like better?
Awww c’mon, you know y’all want to answer!!!

Guess who? :p

Well, I love Ghost Love Score and TPATP. They’re both amazing. I’ve never been that fond of Beauty of the Beast, for some reason it just never was as good as the other two. I actually prefer FantasMic (as far as the longer songs) to it.

GLS has always seemed like one whole piece to me, where TPATP flows smoothly in some parts and cuts off completely in others. For example, the transition from The Pacific to Dark Passion Play is perfectly smooth, whereas the transition from DPP to Mother & Father is a total break.

I think GLS is more beautiful, melodic, but TPATP is more intense and dynamic and versatile. It really depends on what kind of mood I’m in. 🙂

BA: This one is so hard! I love both! 🙂

Wayfarer because it’s unbelievably catchy, and Sleepwalker because I love Tarja’s vocals in the Original (her operatic ones). Sleepwalker is romantic and Wayfarer is adventurous. Probably Wayfarer, because Tarja’s vocals and Tuomas’ music are completely unified in that song, whereas in some others, they are not (Tarja takes over more than Anette).

Sorry for the novel! 🙂