New York Marriage Divorce Records

new york marriage divorce records
How do I get a copy of a marriage that happened in New York in the 1920’s?

My grandmother was married and had my father. Then she got divorce from his father and got remarried. Her new husband adopted my father and none of it was ever talked about again. I would like to find out who his real dad was but all I have is a name. I thought if I could find the marriage license then I could find out more info on him. But it happened in New York and I live in Indiana. I have searched on the internet but it seems like it is real hard and expensive to get any info from New York’s records. It would even be helpful to get a copy of the adoption records, that my have some ssn on it or something from his real father.

wish I had an answer for you, but I have tried to do my own research of things like that, and it seems you have to pay out the wazoo to even scratch the surface!!! Sites like seem to have access to public records but want us to pay them to view the important ones. Seems like if it is logged in a computer database and are public records, we should be able to look our stuff up without paying a huge fee!!! I have searched, found very few items, quite disappointing……