New York Beauty And The Beast

new york beauty and the beast
what should i do while in new york city??

ive been three times already. its my favorite place ever. lol. and im going again for my 15 birthday, and i want to do somethings i didnt do the other times i went. ive already took a ferry to see the statue of liberty, gone to a yankees game, seen beauty and the beast on broadway, been shopping almost everywhere. lol. and what are some good restuarants? i think i want to go to trl. so what are some fun things to do?
i wish i was old enough to get into angels and kings. lol.

NYC is Great! I suggest you to go to the Rockefeller Center. It is really cool and fun to be in there, you would enjoy the shops, ice skating rink, museums, and the city itself. I also would suggest you to visit Time Square, and Broadway Theater. There are awesome areas and places in New York City. You will love it! Enjoy!