New Beauty And The Beast Movie

Whats a good animated movie to watch when you’re bored?

So I’m bored and I’m with my niece lol
I’ve been watching disney movies lol memories<3 Whats a good animated movie to watch thats good for an 18 year old and a 2 year old little girl haha I have watched: The little mermaid,The little mermaid 2,The little memaid:Ariel's Beginning. Snow white(annoying) Cinderella Aladdin Mulan Emperor's new groove Beauty and the beast<3 Sleeping Beauty Pocahontas The Lion king,Lion king 2,Lion king 1/2 ... I think that's it lol don't put perverted comments and stuff like that. There is little kids looking at the computer screen lol


Kiki’s delivery service
Spirited Away
The Cat returns (this it not Miyazaki’s but the same style)

You niece won’t understand a thing but she’ll love the vivid colors and all that, and you’ll love the story and everything else since you,ll understand it lol