Mediation Divorce

mediation divorce
I need more answers to this question. How do I enforce divorce decree and what is the purpose of mediation?

My ex and I have assets and money that we are still trying to disolve of. According to our divorce decree some of the items we dont agree upon are already spelled out in the decree. The ex is not wanting to split things as we already agreed upon and these items have been signed off already and notorized. What happens in a situation when one party isnt going by the decree? An example of my ex who was supposed to put money back into the joint account that we had but never did? Another example is that we have income from the previous year that is to be divided by percentages and the ex refuses to split accordingly and these items are already in the final decree. What happens now? The ex wants mediation but this stuff is already in the decree. What is the purpose of mediation and can that overwrite this contract of decree? What is the right thing to do. Ive tried discussing with the ex but they still refuse to try to work on an agreeable solution.

A Decree is just a statement of who gets what.

Okay…through mediation, there will be time-lines set in place as to when all assets must be divided, and when all financial settlements must be awarded. If he is not complying to anything, he will be forced to, or he will be in Contempt of Court for not abiding to the Decree. That means possible Jail time.

My example: My ex was ordered to buy me out of the Family Business and our House was to be sold. After 7 months of no “action” and refusal to do so, we went to Mediation and it was determined that I would gain control of all assets if she did not within six months.

Everything will work-out, but you must keep on top of it!!!

I hope this helps.