Matter Of Life And Death Film

Films that use both black-and-white and colour? Like The Wizard of Oz?

So you know how in The Wizard of Oz, all the bits in Kansas are in black-and-white and all the bits in Oz are in glorious technicolor? Well I was wondering if there were other films that did that trick?
I know A Matter Of Life and Death had all the bits on Earth in colour and all the bits in heaven in black-and-white, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else.
I guess there’s also films like Sin City or Rumblefish that had splashes of colour against black and white, I’m interested in them too.
Thanks for your help

The original “The 10 Commandments” (1923) had some color sections, but also lots of B&W. Also, the original “Ben Hur” (1926). Of course, “Schindler’s List” has a famous little red rain coat that appears twice. “Pleasantville” has a mixture, too.