Marriages That End In Divorce

marriages that end in divorce
why do most marriages end in divorce?

I have been talking to a few of my friends who have been married for years (over 10 years). They married in their early 20’s and for what seem to be happily married in my eyes turned out to be the opposite.

One of them married for almost 25 years (she married at 16 years old) just was told by her husband that he no longer finds her attractive and therefore does not want to be married to her anymore. Another just told her husband that she no longer loves him and want to divorce him to date around.

With the divorce rate rapidly increasing, is there any hope for a mutually satisfying marriage? and why do most marriages end in divorce especially after years and years together?

I think that there are many reasons marriages end in divorce. Maybe one partner isn’t being satisfied enough. Maybe a marriage ended in divorce because of adultery. Maybe the partners changed so much over time and they grew apart and they really don’t know each other anymore. Maybe marriages end divorce because the communication between them wasn’t so great. Sometimes marriages end because one partner thinks that the grass is greener on the other side. Then they may find out that it wasn’t greener, but just more grass they had to mow. I think that there is hope for a mutually satisfying marriage when both partners involved are able and willing to make things work, to make lots of compromises and have good communication. Communication is the key to any great marriage. Hope I helped. 🙂