Marriages Ending In Divorce Statistics

marriages ending in divorce statistics
Why are divorcees more likely to divorce again?

For quite sometime statistics have shown that second and third marriages are more likely to end in divorce than first marriages. I personally have noticed that most of the women and men that have been married and divorced end up divorcing again and again afterwards sometimes they divorce for legitimate reasons like cheating or abuse but other times they just do it suddenly and simply say they have “fallen out of love” then they remarry and start the whole process again. What are your opinions? and what do you think is the reason for this trend?
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It probably so easy becuase your first marriage is the mariage you hopee and try you butt off to work on. Once you reached that point of divorce you can say your first marriage is over. You have to deal with telling everyone and deal with it yourself. So once you crossed that hurdle, so to speak, it makes it so much easier to just give up and quit, becuase you’ve done it before. Everyone wants there first marriage to work so when it doesn’t its so much easier to continue for looking for one that will. Marriage should be worked on to the fullest. Divorce is taken WAY to lightly. People divorce over the dumbest sh*t now adays. “Oh we fight to much…blah blah blah” the reality is that once society pictures divorce as “getting what you deserve” it becomes an easier step to take. Marriages all go through hard times, but to me, marriage isn’t aobut the love you have its how you get through the hard times and show eachtoher in the end, how it is to love eachother. So divorce becomes easier once you give into it the first time, becuase that was thae hardest one to decide.