Marriage Restoration After Divorce

marriage restoration after divorce
Why do couples throw in the towel in marriage, so easily?

My sister has just told me that after 20 years of marriage, she no longer wants to continue in her relationship with her husband. The only reason she can give anyone (not that she has to give me any reason, because I haven’t asked her for one) is that she’s felt like this for a long time and wants out. Ok… I’m in shock, so I know her husband is and I’m wondering if this is a midlife crisis thing, so I suggested counseling, which she agreed to, but said only for the purpose of letting her husband down easier? He on the other hand is completely devastated and I can’t help but feel sorry for him… sorry for the both of them, because they are both truly good people. All I can do is pray for the both of them, because divorce is such a crippling ordeal and I would not wish that on anyone. So I’m asking all of you prayer warriors out there to pray for the restoration of their relationship and family. Thanks!

I feel the same way as you, I am recently engaged and I fully understand the committment i am making. The vows you speak at the ceremony are not to be taken lightly this is for better or for worse, in good times and in bad.

Divorce is so socially acceptable now people are taking it for granted, marriage has lost its magic and is no longer a huge committment because you can always ‘get out’. When I marry next summer, it is for life. I understand there are hard times, but in my book the only cause for divorce is adultry or abuse.

My brother in laws wife recently left him after just 2 yrs of marriage. Said she wasn’t in love with him anymore and wanted a divorce. They tried consuling to no avail, she was already emotionally detached from him.

He is a wonderful loving husband, worked multiple jobs to support his family so she could stay home with the child, always did whatever he could to ensure they had fun together, date nights, movies….he did everything right and he is devastated as well.

Your family will be in my prayers, it truely is a tragedy that people would rather walk away from their problems than work on them. God bless