Marriage Reconciliation After Divorce

marriage reconciliation after divorce
Help! divorce question ! should i take her back?

i and my wife have been married for 5 yrs. we have a child too.
all through the marriage she abused me and insulted me.

we are now separated since 1 yr.

just after separation, she filed a false case against me accusing me of demanding dowry and beating her (exactly opposite of what happened). This means I can get arrested
without proper investigation (just on the basis of her complaint) & it will take years to prove innocent.

meanwhile, the court has asked us to work towards reconciliation. now she is talking very nicely with me.

six yrs of a life together & a child makes me think of getting her back. at the same time, i am worried that if i take her back, she might do this again….

my family is against calling her too.
what should i do?

Without some serious marriage counseling, it could be dangerous for you. You could end up in jail if she falsely accuses you again. Go to a good marriage counselor with her to find out if the change is real.