Marriage Or Divorce

marriage or divorce
What do you think of marriage/divorce?

It’s 47 percent in the Western world, 67 percent initiated by women. I’d say if people divorce, they shouldn’t have gotten married. Marriage is seriously becoming a joke to me. How does it benefit men?

What do you think of people who marry and later divorce or people who marry fro the wrong reasons (which 95 percent do anyway)?

well the thing is that many people think that they have what they want with someone. where are you getting these statistics anyway? how do you know that its 95% of people that get divorced for the wrong reasons? most of the people that i know are married is because they thought they were in love and had everything they ever wanted with each other. of course reality came in and hit them in the face weeks, months, or years later but still they tried it out and they would have never known if it was meant to be without trying it out.