Marriage Divorce Articles

marriage divorce articles
If Christians believe that marriage is sacred, why is their divorce rate similar to everyone else ?

According to the Christian Post article below, divorce rates among Christians is statistically the same as the national average; and actually slightly higher than people who describe themselves as atheists or non-religious.

Any explanations? and how can they reconcile this with their denial of marriage rights to other people?

Good question. It certainly doesn’t look good on us Christians, does it…The problem is that many people who claim to be Christians in the U.S. don’t truly follow all of the teachings of Bible. If they did, then husbands and wives would treat each other with complete respect, putting the other person first, and do everything possible to maintain a positive relationship. Instead, people behave selfishly and give up way too easily. Emotions can be good things, but when we rely solely on feelings instead of what we know to be right, we end up making very foolish decisions. Christians are called to be in the world but not of the world, and yet we too often adopt the mindset of the society we live in. Everyone knows that most Americans–and probably Western civilizations in general–have a me me me mentality. We want instant gratification and we want it our way, regardless of who we have to run over to get it. Plenty of nominal “Christians” like to think they have an in with God because they do the Christian thing, and yet they are no different from anyone else. In fact they may be a little worse because they claim one thing and live another. It’s frustrating. As for gay marriage, I personally don’t agree with it. Not just for Biblical reasons either because I understand that Biblical reasoning doesn’t really seem relevant to people who don’t share my faith, and that’s fine. I don’t hate gay people and I wouldn’t join in any marches or protests against that lifestyle or anything like that. But I do agree with you that it is difficult to claim that gay marriage defiles the sanctity of marriage, when clearly many Christians do not protect and revere their own heterosexual unions. Nobody appreciates double standards.