Lost Life And Death

In Lost, why does Charles lie to John in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” about being the Others’ leader?

…before Ben when he wasn’t? It was some other guy. I remember that from when Ben was given to the Others as a kid. Before that some other guy, the leader was Eloise based on information in “Follow the Leader” and “The Incident.”

Yeah, he was. Richard seemed to be the leader in 1954 when Charles and Eloise were 17, he was probably still the “adviser” but the actual leader at that time wasn’t important.

Some point between then and 1977 Eloise *and* Charles took leadership. Because when Richard was taking little Ben to the Temple that Other that Sayid killed was like “Shouldn’t you ask Charles and Ellie first?” Richard said “I don’t answer to them.”

Richard has always done what he thinks is right, undermining the leader or leaders when he has too, he was technically below rank under Eloise and Charles who were together on the island and had Daniel in the late 70’s as current commanders. (That baby might be Penny though)

Then when Ben wouldn’t kill baby Alex in 1988 Charles was there and angry still as leader, no mention of Eloise. Charles stayed leader until sometime after 1992 after the Purge, he was banished for regularly leaving the island and “having a baby with an outsider.” That’s when Ben became leader.

I think the Incident caused the fertility issues on the island causing Eloise to leave around 1977 and not wanting to go back to the island with her baby. This makes her an “outsider” to the Others. Charles kept leaving to see her, at some point in the 80’s there second child (either Penny or Daniel was born)

Then after he was banished, they broke up for some reason, Charles took Penny, Eloise took Daniel. They probably told there kids the other half of the family wasdead, Eloise and Charles are like that.