Living Together Before Marriage Divorce

living together before marriage divorce
Why do couples that live together before marriage have a higher divorce rate than couple that do not?

we learned this in several of my classes but no one (including proffessors) can say exactly why…can anyone give me any insight?
lets use the example of two engaged people getting a house year before they get married…why are they mroe likely to divorce

I lived with my husband 9 months before we got married. I don’t get that theory…my sister never lived with her husband and they had one of the messiest divorces while my hubby and I are still great after 7 years of marriage.

The only thing I can attribute to your example is that buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do, along with getting married and having children. When you buy a house and plan a wedding, I can’t imagine how tense that must be…probably anger and resentment build, they go through with the wedding to save face and then it all unravels? I don’t know…just speculation.