Life In Death

How many poems should there be in a poetry book written by one person about life and death (not morbid)?

I have started to write poetry on life, death and awareness of oneself. I would like a general consensus of how many poems there should be if I decide to publish a book. Many people who I have spoken to have said I should as the poems help them and could help others. So far, I have 7 so I know I have a way to go for a book.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks Jo.

I believe there is no necessary number of a certain, i guess, “style” of poem that should be in a book. I think that it depends on of course the author and what image they want their readers to have of them. Say the more poems on death you have, and if consoling someone is what you are writing about. Then, the readers would want more of that. Or the other way, Your poems on life. So it all depends on what you want. I know that writers say they do it for the readers. But, if you think about it they wrote for themselves. Every first book that an author/poet has written…was THEIR work, was THEIR ideas, was THEIR book. So they made it the way THEY wanted it. Then that’s how they determined what the reader likes or does not like. Hope i helped a little. 🙂 Im sure it will be great.