Life And Death Symbols

The life and death? Money? I need help, please foreign nature?

I'm the kind of guy who love bring joy to people who are sad, some people may say I'm a hero. I use the ultimate symbol of happiness, Jar Jar Binks. I wear a costume mask made Jar Jar / all trying to help. I wanted to help people who are very depressed, so I put my suit and hung around the cemetery. The funeral began, he was a man who died. His wife and family were there. I tried to cheer him up in dancing and Jar Jar Jar Jar go screaming at the top of your lungs. I stood beside the priest talking and shouting. I danced around, pulled out clumps of ground and threw them, and made a lot of noise with my air horn. A guy told me to go, but I did not listen. I took my lightsaber toy and began to put the corpse with her while she sang songs of Jar Jar. People started yelling at me and others crying. Some people have started to chase me, but I ran screaming. Finally, the brother of the dead boys hit me. You think I should go to trial?

You are really putting much effort into these issues. I must give credit for this, at least. Also, your grammar and spelling are better than most other issues and, although not entirely free of errors, which are of little importance. In this, I Thanks for letting us know that the funeral of a man who died. That really clarified things for me, the story is concerned. In general, I like the way their stories are fundamentally the same story, but each is in a different environment. I can not bear too much variety, no dizziness and mild nausea. That's why I loved Borat and watch CSI. Not only does it bring people to their stories, George Lucas must pay to have a great public work on behalf of one of its most beloved characters. Brave Monkey God, God speed.