Life After Death Lyrics

After listening to "Hand of Doom" song you'll ever do drugs again?

"Now you know the scene, their skin starts to turn green Your eyes no longer see the reality of life Push the needle holes sick to death of a smile on your skin, produced by the head begins to spin, hit the ground Feel your body lift, Hand of Death starts to weave It's too late to return, he wants the price of living is high, you will die "for the record, I've never taken drugs either. If you have not started this stage, I doubt they ever …

I do not take drugs, first, and never will. I can promise you that. I hate when I see Yahoo Answers and ask stupid questions like "Why does this happen when I am strong?" and the person is not a troll and people give answers seriously! It's like … omfg, that getting high? Drugs are simply not good …. but thank you for the letters.