Legal Separation Vs Divorce

legal separation vs divorce
hand-written agreements between wife and I vs. legal separation?

wife and i are getting a divorce. she is looking at apartments, which is fine with me, but I don’t want to any legal obligation with the apartment. I understand that if we file legal separation, then I won’t have any problems, but that takes more time than we have. If we write out an agreement between the two of us that relieves me of any and all obligations and financial responsibility for her new apartment, will it hold up in court (meaning if she defaults in her rent and they try to come after me, but I present the contract, can they still hold me responsible)?

If you have it notarized it should hold up in court. Also you can place an ad in the local paper stating that on a certain date forward you are no longer responsible for any of her debts. Just make sure you are not on the contract for the apartment in any way. Good Luck