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legal separation divorce
Divorce / Legal separation question?

My wife says that she wants a legal separation in preparation for divorce. She has given me 5 days to find a new place to live. I told her that I dont think I have to leave the home (my name is on the deed) that quickly. She said that when she files for legal separation, I will have to leave. Is that true? I need more time. I own a struggling business and have no money and no source of income (she has been supporting me). If she kicks me out, I will literally be on the street with no money. I’d like to note that there has been no drug use or abuse in our marriage at all.

The real reason there are so many divorces may never really be known so I’ll just give my opinion on it. The most common legal term is irreconcilable differences which at it’s simplest means we just don’t get along anymore. There may be one reason for the differences or a hundred reasons.
I believe it’s generally because there are a multitude of reasons and the root of them all is that we’re all different and time changes us. When you marry someone you marry everything about them…their habits, their family, their friends…When you first meet someone and you fall in love a lot of the those “other” things are looked at thru rose colored glasses. So what her father is a little over bearing, so what her friends are different than your friends…so what she’s never done the things in life that you have.
Time though is the true test. Over time those other things that didn’t amount to much in the beginning start to become “irreconcilable differences” The reasons you thought you married someone may grow to be the reasons you don’t want to be married to that person anymore. Little things start to become big things and big things start to become unbearable.
People change and they either accept those changes, genuinely accept those changes, or they decide that their happiness is the most important aspect of their life.
Our hearts lead us to do so many things…Love can be blind but it’s not blind, deaf and dumb. When your heart tells you it’s time for a change there’s not much you can do.
As for me I always want to kiss the one I love like it’s going to be the last time I’ll ever kiss them…I want to hold them so tight I almost take their breath away…I want to laugh and truly enjoy just being with the one I love…If they hurt, I want to take it away….If they cry I want to be there to comfort them and when it comes time for me to leave this world I want the one I love to be the last face I see and the last hand I hold.
Divorce doesn’t have to be the end of everything, not if it’s giving someone another chance to be happy.