Lefou Beauty And The Beast

lefou beauty and the beast
Auditioning Help! Lefou! Need to know what music I need!?

I am auditioning for Lefou in my high schools production of Beauty and the Beast. Do you know any songs that could be used for vocal auditions to audition for him? (Besides his character’s songs in the play).
I am a baritone, (Typically Lefou voice range) and I need a song that has a unloved sidekicky, Lefou or Iago feel to it.
Thanks in advance!


“Ladies and Their Sensitivities” from Sweeney Todd. In this song, the evil Judge Turpin’s sidekick, Beadle Bamford, convinces him that with a new haircut and a shave, a young girl he lusts after will fall in love with him.

“Master of the House” from Les Miserables. A corrupt (but comically so) innkeeper details his follies against the in”s patrons.

“I’m Not That Smart” from 25 Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Idiot savant Leaf Cooneybear wonders aloud at his own talent for spelling, to hilarious effect.

Good luck! Lefou is a charming part, I hope you get it.