Laws On Divorce

laws on divorce
Are Divorce lawyers and divorce laws destroying America?

The kids see their dad on the weekends,
Dad lives in a crappy apartment in a bad neighborhood,
Child support surplus going towards other things,
Kids resent both parents,
Daughter develops bad dating habits.
Son lashed out against authority figures.

Is there a solution?

Here’s my perspective, and mind you I am a woman who has never been married:

The ex-wife brainwashes the kids to hate their father
The ex-wife gets to keep the big, fancy house with the new boyfriend that the ex-husband pays for
The ex-wife shops at expensive stores for new, sexy clothes the child support goes toward
The kids would rather have both their parents back the way it was before the divorce
The daughter gets pregnant at 16 because mom wasn’t around to raise her (AKA Sarah Palin)
The son ends up using drugs or drops out of high school because his dad wasn’t around enough

The solution: Know your potential spouse before you marry. Share the same Religious and Political views. Believe in the sanctity of Marriage.
Divorce attorneys get rich off the ex-husband’s income. Men are not treated equal in this respect.