Laws And Divorce

laws and divorce
Marriage and divorce laws concerning gold diggers?

Say, for example, a rich man marries a beautiful young woman. Then they divorce. How is the wealth split up? Also, for example, say a rich woman marries a young man. How is the wealth split up? Basically, what does the gold digger gain, monetarily, and what does the one being taken advantage of lose?

It varies. What state they are in: if they’re in a community property state then all assets and debts are split 50/50 unless a pre-nup exists. If not, then the court will split things fairly between the couple.
It also varies on how long they were married. If they were married only a few years, its not likely the gold digger will get much because it will be clear they married for money.
If there is no pre-nup then they’re basically leaving their money up to the state laws or judge to decide who gets what.