Is A Sexless Marriage Grounds For Divorce

is a sexless marriage grounds for divorce
Do you think that a sexless marriage is grounds for divorce?

It is. It’s called either alienation of affection or constructive abandonment, depending on your state. I sued for this purpose in my divorce. And won.

Edit: Since everyone seems to not be aware of the law here, I thought I would add this info – Simply turning down sex on occasion is not alienation or abandonment. But a “sexless marriage” is different, one in which there is no sexual activity to speak of for an extended period of time, despite clear requests, and usually involves one person holding sex over the other person as a weapon.

The court may ask for proof that you have been to counseling for the issue, or that the spouse had refused to go to counseling for it. There is a legal precedent and understanding that when you get married, there will be sex. People should really know this before getting married.

Re: Christopher Reeve – I saw he and his wife interviewed years ago and they stated they managed to be creative enough to satisfy one another sexually, just not through the “usual” methods.