Indian Marriage Divorce In Usa

indian marriage divorce in usa
US citizen Groom & Indian Bride wants Divorce without demands?

My husband is US Citizen.
he came to india and we got married a year back and registered the marriage at local registrar.
We both dont want to live with each other. no demands , no problem with divorce.
we just want to end this marriage, and my US citizen husband asking me to send him the divorce papers, he will sign out as he dont have time and lawyer and money for it.
Is that possible if we can make papers in india and send it to him in USA and end this marriage legally ??
how long does it take ??

please help me out.

worst luck.

Now this not the way go about getting divorce in a legal manner.
His simple signing Petition for Divorce by mutual consent will NOT end the marriage as he has to appear in person two times for recording his statement in the Family Court, which he cannot ignore otherwise the petition for divorce by mutual consent get dismissed.
He doesn’t have time to come to India for filling the joint petition for divorce by mutual consent & appear two times within a span of six months for the finalisation the process than the best way is to go for unilateral divorce being filled by the Indian spouse in India, the court summon duly served on to him in USA & on his nonappearance in the court and filling any defence against the petition, the ex-parte proceedings will be ordered wherein the evidence of the petitioner recorded & order for divorce passed as the grounds for divorce made by the petitioner spouse remain unrebutted.
The whole matter takes few months to be finalised provided you engage competent lawyer with grey matter on his upper storey otherwise this simple issue may get delayed for years together.