Imdb Beauty And The Beast

Anyone remember an old, animated, NON-Disney version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

When I was a kid, I remember repeatedly renting an animated ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that was definitely not the Disney version. Beauty in the story (I forget her name) had two sisters, and the father went out to get all three of them presents; the sisters were selfish and asked for material things, while ‘Beauty’ only wanted a rose. The father went and got one from the garden of the Beast, who then followed him home and ended up taking Beauty back to the castle.

There was a lot of snow going on throughout the majority of the film.
It seemed almost like an early 80s/90s Anime film. But I can’t find evidence of it anywhere, on Google or Amazon or IMDB or anything.

Anyone know this one?
BTW, it is not the Golden Films version, sadly… Or, as far as I can tell, ANY of the “Beauty and the Beast” titles listed on IMDB currently.

Do you mean this?

If so, it’s Golden Film’s 1993 version of Beauty and the Beast.