I Want A Divorce

i want a divorce
im really sad and i can stop being sad. How can i stop it?

well i dont know, because my parents are going through a divorce and i always hear the yelling from downsairs. music is my life so i blast the music on my stereo trying to block out their yelling. they have achohol issues and it’s really hard on me. I had a really bad year at school because i got bullied a lot and none of the girls ever talked to me. I dont want to see a pycoligist but its really effecting me. It’s hard to go to school and try to smile after my parents were so hard on me with the achoholic thing and divorce. :'(

Oh My God Im So Sorry! First Talk to your Friends, Try To Get off the Subject, do ANYTHING you can, Also GOod LUCK, I hope It Works All Good!