How To Save A Marriage After Divorce

how to save a marriage after divorce
How can my daughter and her husband make their marriage of 2 yrs work after a one & a half year separation?

They married after their first child was only 5 months old. Five months later my daughter is pregnant again, and they separated legally. The divorce never happened for various reasons, now that the divorce is about to happen a year and a half later they are back together trying to save their marriage and family. I want to see their marriage work and I pray to God it does. They have a beatiful 1 yr old girl and a handsome 2 and a half year old boy. I think a lot of their problems were finances and the fact that my daughter had a hard time learning to give up some of the finer things in life “my fault I spoiled her” I think she has matured some but still has a ways to go. He now has a better job too. I know they love each other but they have a lot to work out. They would like to go to couple’s counceling but can’t really afford the expense at this time. He has some issues too, he came from a very dysfunctional family. He has anger problems and ADD. If anyone can please help save them.

they are going to learn what life is like, together or not. for the time being they are trying to work it out, and that is a good thing. you have to let time run it’s course and see if they are really meant to be together or not. if they are, they will learn to solve the problems they have and gain the maturity to solve and in the future.