How To Divorce Your Husband

how to divorce your husband
Would you divorce your husband if he were a Porn Addict.?

I mean like a drug addict ot alcoholic. He is consumed by this stuff, so he cannot stop on his own, he will not get the professional help he needs. It is messing up our sex life. I am a very attractive woman; who has a higher sex drive them and I am much more freakier – he only likes missionary style. So the Porn adds insult to injury. He will not explore sex with me, but he will go watch the stuff. I do not understand. I cannot take it anymore, because he masturbates so much, it takes forever for him to cum, also I he will not let me ride him – or give him oral sex. We have no sexual intimacy – We have only been married a year. How much longer do I put up with this, It is destroying my marriage, I would hate divorce my husband, but that is where it is headed. He will not get help, he keeps saying, I am going to call the counselor, never calls. What would you do, I know I am suppose to love unconditionally, but this is a form of adultery.

Stay or Go? I cannot live like this.

Give him an ultimatum. Either he seeks help for this or you are gone. Give him a time frame, and if he does not get the help he needs, you should really move on. This will only get more frustrating for you if you stay. If he prefers the company of two-dimensional, air-brushed skanks to his very real, very sexy wife, then let him have them. Find yourself a man who appreciates what you have to offer him.