How Do I Save My Marriage From Divorce

how do i save my marriage from divorce
i have been married 4years back but prior to marriage she was suffering from bipolar now i want divorce how ca?

i have been married 4 years back,but i found my wife is suffering from bipolar,and my in laws hidden this fact,now i want divorce they threaten us that u will be behind bar any moment and my property will be there, and i will have nothing to loose,in this period i have taken proper care of my wife.what should i do now?i have one son aged 2 1/2 years whose life been saved by my sister when he was just hardly a month and he is under her care ,but now they r saying i will lodge an abduction case against her(my sister), i marry without dowry but they are threatenning for that also…i have tortured ,and last month i have gone through treatment from aims becouse of depression and wish to commit sucide p;ease help me

When will you people learn::::: ARRANGED MARRIAGE IS WRONG????? Don’t come here for sympathy or to complain if you yourself actually allowed this to happen, you have a part in it and that part is that you did not find the lady yourself and get to know her first. Expect this kind of thing with arranged marriages especially when you are dealing with lowly classless people, like you are here….