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home from beauty and the beast
Pointers on singing the song “Home” from “Beauty and the Beast”…?

I have an audition tonight, and I am choosing to sing the song “Home.” I’m singing 32 bars of it, from the part “What I’d give, to return to the life that I knew lately…” to the end.

However, this is an audition for a professional theatre not a youth theatre and I’m concerned because of my younger age that I won’t be taken seriously in order to get a main part.

So does anyone have any pointers for me so I can WOW the director, on the song or just for the audition in general? Thank you!
This audition is TONIGHT so it’d be very helpful to get some feedback soon please! Thanks!
(please don’t say “you should’ve asked this a few days earlier; you’re dumb!” because I only want a few tips)
Oh, I wish someone would answer this =) haha.
Oh, by the way, the show that I’m audition for is Godspell =) It’s not Beauty and the Beast, I just chose my audition song to be from it.

Hi! I played Belle a couple years ago so I have a few tips on how to approach the song. The part from which you’re beginning is the real climax of the song, when Belle decides she’s strong enough to stay in the castle and can make it through. It’s a real turning point for the character and a lot of growth happens in just that one song. Her realization that she is strong enough and is determined to make the best of her sentence happens in the 32 bars your singing. Make sure you portray the character’s determination and strength while singing. The song is really just like a monologue set to music so it’s just as important to act while you’re singing.
As for the actual singing part… do you have a strong belt voice? Because this part of the song really should be belted. As I said before, because it is the climax of the song, it should be the climax tone-wise too. It doesn’t give the song the same kind of strength if you sing it in your head voice, so go for the belt. That long A (“who knows When…”) can be really powerful when belted and can get the point across through tone. Are you going to the end of the song? (“Home and free?”) Because, if so, that last phrase should NOT be belted. The belting should tone down after “Build higher walls around me, change every lock and key!” because that’s Belle’s last proclamation that she can do this.
As for your age… Belle is a young woman so I’m sure the theatre you’re auditioning at is looking for a younger actress to play the part. I’m sorry, but there can’t be a 40 year old Belle that just wouldn’t make sense. Belle should be played ideally by anyone ages 18-25 but thats just an estimation.
Good luck with it, it’s a great part and a great song. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! Break a leg!