History Of Beauty And The Beast

Fairy Tale and Fantasy…?

There have been many stories from history that have ended in a ‘perfect type’ of way. For example take ‘The Little Sea Maid’ (also known as ‘The Little Mermaid’) from Hans Christian Anderson. At the end of the story when she is unable to kill her love she throws herself from the ship ready to die but instead is ‘saved’ from death by children of the air. OR ‘Le Belle te le Bete’ (I believe it is, my French is very rusty. Also known as ‘Beauty and the Beast’) from Jeanne-Marie Leprince De Beaumont where the primary female character eventually finds a way to love the beast.

But the real world is not like this, and if presented with a real world example we are in the most part unable to accept it, it is to perfect in a way.

So my question is, if we like these fairy tales and hold them as an example for what can be why do we not strive to achieve it? AND Why do we resist it, and try to change it to what we are comfortable with?

Serious answers only.
Please explain your answers.

The fact of the matter is that we look up to these examples as heros of a true heart of geniune human spirit that we all strive for. We all look up to these fairy tales because we cannot do the things they do in the stories. We are human. flawed, imperfect. As we are imperfect, our environment must be directly linked with it. We cannot expect to have a fairy tale ending with a non-fairy tale person. Im sorry that that is how the world works, but thats just how it is. All we can do is raise those few examples on our shoulders and idolize them, thinking how amazing it would be to have a fairy tale ending.