Help With Divorce

help with divorce
How do I help them cope after the divorce?

My mom and step dad are getting a divorce. My brother and sisters are all kids of my step dad and have known him their whole lives. I’m 13 and my oldest sibling is going to be 9 soon. The oldest is sort of slow and they all don’t know whats going on. So how do I help them cope a little after the divorce? I’m already their second mother with everything happening but how do I help them?

You sound like you’re shouldering all the responsibility. If they’re not really catching on to what’s happening they probably won’t notice too much, and also they’re pretty young. You need to stay positive and cheerful for yourself and for them, go out to the park and organize fun treats for all of you to avoid arguments at home. Also, talk to a friend, an adult or either your mum or your stepdad (depending on who you get on better with)
Remember, you’re not alone in this!
Good luck! 🙂 xxx