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Is it just me or does it SEEM That being has twig Is The New Fashion?

Every shop / magazine / TV program you see the Female are like twigs? Everything Seems To Be Aimed at really skinny females. Does anyone else agree? Before you say it and I weight 10 tons of which I am healthy and did not aim twiggy! Told you – I ask a question like this here and There Is Always Who Will one accuses me of Being Fat! well I am not!

No. It's not as bad as before. The set IS BMI Being Raised for teen models. It all depends how you feel it. I get Being made fun of for thin. All I see ads for IS "the perfect hourglass body", "I love my curves," "Big Girls want guys." Constantly people offer me cookies. Schoolmates tease me. And the Reason They Are tall and thin On The runway IS Because That Keep The form designers make clothes hanging perfectly. Everybody Wants The Body That isn't theire. And Beauty Is Relative.