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How does Depression relate to psychological benefits of health-related physical fitness and nutrition?

How does Stress,Memory,Self-esteem,Anxiety,Immune System,and Food Energy relate to psychological benefits of health-related physical fitness and nutrition?

Depression is exhausting. It’s like starving to feel good. When you’re really depressed, you don’t feel good enough to exercise, even though exercise would make you feel better because of the endorphins. Then food is a whole other issue for some people. Some people don’t eat when they’re depressed. Other people use food as a kind of self medication for the pain. Eating does cause a small release of seratonin, so you’re always looking for your next “fix.”

Then there’s stress. For me, what I used to feel was an overwhelming sense of procrastination. Stuff would pile up and then I would feel the stress of not getting things done. The more stress I feel, the more distractible I get, and the more likely I am to forget things, or never process the information in order to remember it in the first place. Sometimes it’s because I couldn’t remember, and other times, it was because I never paid enough attention in the first place.

I never had a big problem with anxiety, but I know a lot of other people who do. My anxiety was more related to social situations, and that had to do with my self-esteem, which is the last thing to really recover, by the way.

The hardest thing about living through depression, for the sufferer and the observers alike, is sorting out where the illness ends and your character begins. The question is always “Am I this way because of the depression, or am I this way because I really am a lazy/boring/bad/ unproductive /sad/fat /weak/ unfocused/ drifter/lonely/(insert adjective here) person?