Health Fitness Specialist

health fitness specialist
Physical Ed Questions – Please help!?

1. If you suffer an injury, your doctor will probably send you to physiologist) exercise. B) a physiotherapist. C) a clinical sports medicine center. D) a personal trainer. 2. A medical specialty, close links with fitness is a radiology department). B) neurology. C) orthopedics. D) podiatry. 3. Athletic trainers work with athletes school) in height. B) college athletes. C) the equipment professional sports. D) All of the above 4. When someone chooses provide advice on nutrition, see a) An employee health food store. B) orthopedist. C) dietitian. D) doctor. 5. Professionals working under the supervision of a physician to assess the ability of a person are called A physician assistant). B) exercise physiologists. C) a specialist in sports medicine. D) personal trainers.

1 b 2 b 3 c 4 d 5 b