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Tips for keeping up the fitness/health plan when I go back to university?

I’ve been on a fitness plan (incorporating exercise & healthy eating) for about 3 months now. It’s been going really great but it’s been over the holidays so I’ve had plenty of time to exercise and less chance for making excuses. I really hope that when I go back to uni it will serve as a help to my plan (since I’ll be getting out and about more and will have less time to eat out of boredom) rather than a hindrance. My big fear is that when I start back all the good work I’ve done will go out the window and that it’ll be back to old habits while I stress out about assignments and forget about my fitness plan.

What are some tips you can offer for keeping on track when I get back to uni and for juggling exercising & meal-planning with school-life and my part time job.

Some good ideas would be really appreciated 🙂

Get into a sports or workout club or sign up for an exercise class. Having a commitment will help you to keep up with exercising.

As for eating healthy, it depends on where you live. If you live in an apartment, buy healthier foods so that you are forced to eat it. Sometimes, I will make a large meal at night and eat portions of it throughout the next couple of days so that I can cut back on the amount of time I spend preparing a meal. If you live in a dorm, you could make an agreement with your roommate to hold each other accountable, or buy healthy snacks to go in between meals and encourage you to eat less during the meals.