Health Fitness Franchise

health fitness franchise
What is the best franchise in the chain / Health & Fitness Club, and why?

I am looking for an affordable gym with a lot of options exercise equipment, maybe some yoga and a good hour window. What would you recommend the club? ? LA Fitness Bally? 24 hours? Help plz! 🙂

Find one that you sign a contract for long. Gyms are a great scam. The first reason call any gym and ask how much the monthly payments are. They will not tell you on the phone, because I want to come and pressed into a long contract. These clubs know that most people long after a few months to try to continue to pay for a year. Big scam. Treat yourself and buy a few and treadmil weight and working in his garage. It will pay off long term. You can even buy the equipment used for cheap at Play It Again Sports.