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What can we do about the spammers in the health & singles categories?

Every time I effing post a question that finds its way to the singles and dating section, I get some jackass posting an answer that’s an advertisement for a dating web site with the link.

When I post a question in the health, diet & fitness category, I get losers answering with their fake weight loss story and a link to a site.

Can’t we think up some way to get rid of them???!!!

Right now we can only report them. It is a losing battle. The Acai Berry spammer in Diet and Fitness opens 140 new Yahoo Answers accounts every day. He has found a way to spoof the system. He also uses hundreds of different websites for his spam links. That is unusual; most spammers are posting the same link over and over. You could never report all 500 of his spam answers every day.