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Help me organize my book collection?

I must literally have 1000 books. I have so many that I can’t find a book when I want it. I’m trying to decide how to organize them…some are on shelves and some are in boxes. One idea is to, say number the boxes and list all the books in that box in an excel spreadsheet. The other is to just generally organize them according to category, i.e. health and fitness all together and stock market books likewise. Either way, it will be a big job. I’m open to any and all suggestions. P.S….I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…so physical effort is a challenge. Thanks in advance.

With mine, I’ve got them by genre, and then sorted by author. I have a misc/other section too, and a ‘haven’t read but really want to’ shelf so I know the next books I want to dig into. Have the bookshelves clean and ready to go before you start to sort, and like someone else said, bins will be helpful while sorting. I also have a special bin with my rare and prized books, so I can keep them safe from prying fingers and safe from the sun.

Invite some of your friends/family over and ask them if they can help you sort them out. Have music playing, and once done, then buy some lunch or something to say thanks! If it takes a few days, then maybe have a different person help each time, or see if the same person doesn’t mind helping you until the end. Make it enjoyable and maybe you’ll find out that you share the same likes in books as this person, or just have some neat conversations about books as you go along. The first day can be sorting, the second can have you doing data-entry (or you can print out sheets and write them in as you go along, then type them in later) and the third etc can be sorting by author and putting up on the shelving. (If you put it into Excel, you can have it alphabetize things for you.)

Also set aside a bin for books you wish to donate to others, such as hospitals or shelters. That way, if you really don’t want a book anymore, you don’t have to feel bad about getting rid of it. Get rid of those you will NEVER read again, didn’t like, or never plan on reading. That way you will cut out the deadwood in your collection and have more room for those books you DO like and love.

Good luck, take your time and have fun 🙂