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health and fitness games
How is the health of a character in

I tried to eat healthy foods and games that my characters level fitness I can not moniter but the symbol of rising health. Any advice? Thank you!

Maintaining health means a healthy diet 5 groups of food each day. The key is the size you give your person per day. If my level of hunger is "grumble" eat or below (in that order) Fruit Salad Cheese Salad If my level is "comfortably full" or more to eat (in order) Lasagna Fruit Salad Then if I still do 'm not "completely filled" with complementary grain Chip's Grabbing machine. Also be prepared to raise your health 1 point per day. Place one of toiletries in your house (ie a hairbrush) and click it. In the menu that appears in the lower left corner, you see an option "boyfriend." Click that and open a bathroom window that says contributes to good health and raise your health 1 point. It can be done only once a day.