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What do you have a members only club site weight gain?

I build an online club where people who have trouble gaining weight can learn everything you need to know to gain weight healthily. I have a place where you can get discounts as proteins and other supplements. Also give you access to health and fitness ebooks and other access to members of a forum where members can ask questions others on what is and is not working for them. Is there something in all that you want to be able to find an online club of this type? All suggestions you have I will look. I am in the process of building today and hope to open to the public in a month or two. If Please let me know what you would like to see in the club and I'll try to get there. Thank you to all who reply!

Um Hello again, I would like to see the meal plans to eat as the day and training exercises do not gain weight as the programming / planning my workouts and how I can apply my training for differentiation. Types of muscle groups thank you:) Plz tell me the name of the site once you've finished construction.