Health And Fitness Facts For Kids

What do you think parents who forbid their children to eat something sweet?

I speak of children over two years. I know one mother like that, the older the age of 7 years can not even eat the cake at a birthday party. It does not allow soda, a juice box, candy, cookies and more. I know another mother who feeds her children to think that artificial sweeteners are better for them than sugar. While in Indeed, it may be artificial worse. Why can not these parents just have to set limits. Some simple sugars from time to time will not hurt them. Please see links below. Remember carbohydrates than simple sugars, children fat.

I agree with you. I think the key to the whole health and well-being is everything in moderation. At the exception of allergies, of course. My son has lots of fruits, vegetables and lean meats. But there was also a result of cumulative, cookies and cakes. But he does not eat things every day. From my experience, most children deny something, the more they want, when they are older.