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Is it worth that specialize in exercise science?

I am currently working in the fitness industry and studying for my certified Personal trainers ECA. Finally, I also want my fitness instructors and a certificate of license 500 teachers per hour of yoga. I'm asking is, should I change my exercise science geology major? I'm not sure how much difference would it make if they say they have all the certificates and I used to work in the fitness industry. Would it be worth it, can make more money / employment options in the health industry and be able to build more degrees in this important area in exercise science? Thank you for your answers!

If your studies in geology classes are interesting and are not failing, I see no reason to change. First, there is no way to predict the factors that influence the amount of money they earn. Sorry, but that's life. You can become fabulously wealthy, due to circumstances that have never thought of, or all of the planning and preparation can not help a bit. Choose a leading university in the idea that they will get richer and the other is a bad bet. Second, it never hurts to have several options open. If you change your major in exercise science, have been reduced in areas have experience. If you get the certifications that you planned, but continue their study of geology, leaving open the possibility of working in this area at a later date. If things go well enough in its main stream, is the time to listen to advice ". If it is not broke, do not fix it "