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Getting into the Fitness industry?

I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and become a fitness junkie, and discovered just how important it is and I’d like to go into the health/fitness industry, I have no concern for where I start, and with no experience I expect that I’ll start at the bottom!

On advice from LearnDirects website, the non-course route would be to look out for an “assistant instructor” position where you’re under the supervision of an Instructor.

Quick browse through local positions show no vacancies, though a few for Fitness Instructors and the like.

Would the next step be writing letters, contacting gyms/leisure centres requesting vacancies of the assistant role or any like. Does this method actually work?

You can become a personal trainer on your own. Get certified and start getting your clients and help them with their weight and fitness. Many people are doing it now. Personal trainers and weight loss coach. They charge up to $60/hour. But first you need to get certified.