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I’m trying to Graduate in time. i’m currently on independant studies, & I have school tomorrow morning. I need/have to write a 4, 5 paragraph essays that summerize’s a sports/health or fitness article from a website or newspaper I also need the the link from the source. I’m not going to lie, i’m pretty lazy but I am doing Econ. . . And I absolutely hate writing & reading, I’m dyslexic. 😐 So those who are feeling generous on this sunday night, would anyone care to help me?

I was bored 🙂 wrote it in 24min. It’s not great and you might want to revise it…but I know what it’s like to be in school and have everything piling up at once.

The health benefits of yoga extend well beyond the physical. Yoga is often used as a way to relax and de-stress. Many fitness experts have found that yoga can be aid in leveling one’s mood and emotional state. Yoga is no longer just for those hoping to deal with stress and anxiety, it is also a way to deal with anger.

Many individuals hold onto or bottle up the anger that they feel, often not confronting their own feelings. Yoga and yogic theory attempt to diffuse this build up of anger through asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Asanas are the physical positions assumed in yogic exercise and pranayama are the breathing techniques used during the exercise. Used in combination, these techniques help the body to release the build-up of tension and anger. Unlike other exercises, yogic theory explains that this method helps the individual to experience their anger fully and to confront their feelings.

In using these techniques, the individual will learn how to view the situation that inspires anger from an outside perspective. They will be able to remove themselves from their feelings and will be able to question why a situation is making them angry and why a person is acting in a manner that is angering to them. In this way, yogic theory teaches the individual how to confront an angering situation by viewing the situation in a removed state. The individual will be able to better understand the feelings that cause others to become angered and to lash out.

There are several yogic exercises that are listed in the article and that can be used to diffuse built-up anger. The sarvang asana is a shoulder stand that has a variety of health benefits, including the reduction of anger. Ardha dhanurasana, or half bow, involves stretching and deep breathing exercises. The gupta padmasana or hidden lotus pose, appears highly uncomfortable but can actually help to relieve a great deal of stress and tension. The corpse pose or shava-asana allows the individual to completely relax and loosen all of their muscles. The exercises are usually concluded with the standard antar mouna or lotus meditation position. This time of reflection is important to completely review one’s anger after it has been completely released from a quiet and calm state of mind.

There are so many benefits to yoga beyond physical. The article points to one way in which yoga can be used to effect the emotional state. It can provide a release of tension and anger and a reflection of the feelings and causes associated with that tension.