Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift

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Gift Cards – The Most Perfect Gift?

So you are thinking about giving someone a store card as a present and you want to be able to choose the right merchant for your son or daughter, or friend as the case may be.

You have a problem though and it could be a little embarrassing.

Even though you may think you know someone’s tastes pretty well, you can never be sure if you are making the right decision when buying a merchant card as a gift.

Let me explain with a little story here. Suppose you are shopping for the perfect gift for your daughter who is turning sixteen and you decide to buy a store gift card from The GAP clothing store. You are pretty sure she likes the types of fashionable items they sell, because you have seen her wearing that favorite shirt for what seems like years.

Only problem is teenagers change their minds like they change iPhone covers. It has everything to do with what their friends think. You can never be sure that what they liked yesterday or last week is going to stick or change like the wind this week.

The last thing you want for your daughter is for her to think that you don’t know what she likes, and let’s face it that is an impossible task to conquer with any certainty.

Enter the VISA or Mastercard debit, Gift Card. This little gem can be customized with your daughters photo, you know the one she put on your iPhone that meets the acceptable standards policy of teenage minds and she is going to be able to buy whatever it is that is currently “in”.

No risk of choosing badly and think how happy she will be to think that you took so much time to make this personalised debit card, charged with $500 or a grand as the case may be, and she can get what she really wants.

The card can be saved as a special reminder of the happy day and your special thoughts.

These types of gift cards are far superior to the store or merchant cards as they give you the flexibility to go and shop where ever you choose.

With a number of options available to customize the gift even further, save yourself the embarrassment of showing your ignorance, and get the perfect gift card from today.

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