Getting Divorced

getting divorced
What can I do to reduce child support if I plan on getting divorced in the future?

I’m planning on getting divorced in a couple of years. I hardly ever see my 3 kids so I don’t think I should be responsible for taking care of them. My youngest has down syndrome and is barely functional so he really should live in a special home and be supported by the state, not by me.
Can anyone give me any advice on what steps I could take prior to my divorce that would help limit what my wife and children will get from me?

as for you getting a divorced thats is your choice if you are not happy in your married, but as for your kids It dosen’t matter if you hardly see them or not, they will always be your responsable until they turn 18. YOU choose to leave it in, not pull it out, or ware a raincoat, when you **** your wife. Sound like you want to be a dead beat dad. I do know how to reduce someone childs support. I help 15 men with thier child support before. but you must 1st be and always be a dad to your kids no matter what. and just for saying that you feel that you are not responable for taken care of them. I am not going to tell you, and I hope your soon to be x-wife milks you, every last penny You dead beat SOB.