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Where can I find free divorce mediation?

I live in Cypress, Texas right near Houston. My zip code is 77429. The divorce should be clean & not too difficult so I’d like to avoid a lawyer if possible. Is there some way my wife and I can agree to everything, have it notarized and just be done?

If you and your wife agree on everything as you say, you don’t need mediation. You can get the necessary paperwork from your county courthouse, and complete it yourself. (There’ll be small fees to “file” the paperwork.)

You can also get forms at for this.

Be aware, however, that most jurisdictions want specific information depending upon your property, debts, and children, if any. For example, a part of most divorce filings is a “parenting plan”, specific to the needs of the children.

You’ll also probably have specific requirements to meet to qualify for a divorce, e.g. living in separate domiciles for one year. (States do not encourage divorce, and always hope for reconcilation, so they often want to see that there’s a legitimate reason for the divorce itself.)

Good luck to you both.